The Best Ergonomic Desk And Chairs for Kids 2021
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The Best Ergonomic Desk And Chairs for Kids 2021

The Best Ergonomic Desk And Chairs for Kids 2021


Though the Malaysian government has decreed that school should be reopen soon, many parents have come to see the importance of having a suitable study area for their children during their almost 2 yearlong remote learning period. Even past the pandemic, a specially designed study station will elevate the children’s learning capabilities and improve their concentration at home. So, the question is, what is the best ergonomic desk and chair for kids?


An ergonomic desk is designed much like an architect’s table, to ensure upright posture while drawing or reading, while an ergonomic chair will allow the chair’s depth and height to be adjusted according to the height of the child to prevent slouching. But why is that important for children?


Problems faced by children when studying at home
The challenges faced by children when studying from home; neck, shoulder, and back problems


“When there is a lot of sitting or slouching involved, the muscles and joints may not develop as well, which can lead to scoliosis or flat feet - causing problems further in the future during adulthood.” Says Keith Tan, Spinefit Chiro & Physio Co-Founder, located in Mt Kiara. It’s why he and the other experts we spoke to recommend looking for desk and chairs that are adjustable, to fit perfectly for the growing child, according to Kiropraktis Chiropractic Center’s chiropractor Dc Aandre Adaber, to lessen the “physical impact of children sitting slouched in front of screens”. Even if not for prevention of bad habits, a study conducted by the University of Salford in the UK notes that ergonomic tables and chairs are one of the key main factors in effectiveness of studying. They recommend tilt desks, chairs with thick padding, and backs that will contour to the child’s spine.


Best kid’s desk and chair set (toddlers to teenager)

Ideal kids ergonomic posture


A good ergonomic desk and chair designed for younger kids should be able to adapt to quick growth rates, which is to change the height, angle, and depth for the child to feel comfortable. These chairs and desk should be able to be used for toddlers 3 and up, though an ergonomic table should be able to be used for much longer than that.


Most suitable kids’ desk and chair set


M27 Circle Desk and KB639 Kinder Chair by Comfpro (3+)


Young children can grow at an alarming pace, meaning any toddler furniture will quickly be outdated. Parents prepare this by finding an oversized chair and table, justifying it as eventually the child will grow into it. However bad habits can be developed in this time, such as slouching with their shoulders raised, or uneven posture with feet dangling off the chair. An adjustable desk and chair that can grow with children will solve that problem and ensure that the child will not require constant furniture swaps, while being able to concentrate in comfort.


The height adjustable features of the M27 Circle Desk and KB639 Kinder chair is suitable to those aged toddlers to teens, as it would be able to accommodate growth spurts, while having a thick HR foam cushion, to ensure comfort and longevity. Safety features include lockable wheels, manual chair height adjustment, and anti-scratch nontoxic surfaces.



M17 Purely Desk and V317 Speed Ultra Chair by Comfpro (6+)


A larger version of the M27 Circle Desk and a different back support system as compared to the KB639 Enlightenment chair, the M17 Purely Desk and V317 Speed Ultra Chair is our bestseller, as it’s designed for both tweens and adults. Many customers, ranging from working adults and children, have tried this set and loved it.

The M17 Purely Desk has almost an extra foot over the M27 Circle Desk, and there are even stationary holders that the M27 does not have, the M17 comes with a minimalist white and grey, capable of matching any room decor.

The V317 Speed Ultra Chair on the other hand is something adults and children both really appreciate and find comfort in; something our partners recommend to the parents of their patients as a long lasting, simple ergonomic chair solution. While unable to recline, the V317 Speed Ultra Chair utilizes a modern polyback backrest with a perforated design and adjustable lumbar support, engineered to allows the child maximum mobility, providing greater back support and comfort, suitable for any body shape. The high resilience foam in the chair will also survive the test of time, having similar features and foam density as compared to high end ergonomic office chairs.


Some parents ask why does Comfpro’s chair not have armrests, but in reality an armrest is only necessary if the user would recline often or as a safety guard for hydraulic chairs, as seen in office chairs. However, its recommended that children be able to use furniture that don’t have too many moving parts, to reduce the risk of accidents.





Best kid’s desk and chair set for children with scoliosis


M17 Purely Desk and Duorest Lady chair (7+)

 Duorest Lady chair

For children who have difficulty with their backs, it’s important for them to recognize the that a proper setup can make a world of difference in comfort. 


Dc Andre does note that examples of back disorder such as scoliosis in children can be corrected and is preventable, but only with the proper furniture, such as the Duorest Lady chair. Suitable for people with a petite size, the double backrest creates a gripping sensation that braces the back against the chair, while leaving a stress-free zone for the spine. Though this is highly dependent on the degree and severity of the scoliosis, and the chair will not be able to cure the problem, but simply lessen the stress felt.




Final Thoughts


Though we are showing signs of going back to normal, it’s time for parents to seriously consider a suitable area of study for their growing child. Dining tables, coffee tables, and sometimes simply over the bed are not decent alternatives to a proper ergonomic desk and chair. A high quality ergonomic desk and chair for your child can lead to training proper posture, increased concentration, and most importantly comfort while studying or tasking.  


Here at Ergoland we’ve helped thousands of customers with their purchase of ergo-growing kids study desk sets, and it’s why its so important to have a conversation with the child as well. We still have customers who come back to us many years later, praising the durability of our products and lasting customer service, just read some of our reviews from Google and you’ll know what to expect; quality and professional customer care services. Investing in an ergo-growing set doesn’t have to be difficult, and if you have any questions about anything related do give us a call at +603 7732 7671, Whatsapp at + 6012 303 8522, or connect with us on Facebook Messenger and visit our stores in 1U or QBM!


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