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Best kids furniture brand in Malaysia

Best kids furniture brand in Malaysia 2021


As your child starts to outsize their cribs and you’re getting ready for them to have their own room, what should you prioritize and watch out for when buying kid’s furniture? Here at Ergoland, we’ve outlined the crucial pieces of kids furniture, providing a rough guide and outline to plan out your growing child’s room!


The General Outline: 


In general, a kid’s bedroom will have several spaces, with key furniture for each space as well. For this guide, it will focus on toddlers aged 4+, to last all the way to heading to college.



A good night’s rest is invaluable, and the key pieces of kid’s furniture you would invest in are the following: 

  • Bed Frame
  • Mattress & Pillows

Bed Frame

Kids furniture bed frame

When shopping for bed frames, look for:

  • Bed frames that aren’t hard to clean. Avoid the castle looking beds that have giant headboards in a funny shape, or beds being on the top and the bottom being a study cave.
  • Durable to kids jumping on them
  • Bed frames with a side table or headboard, to put clocks or small toys
  • Look out for any safety symbols if the frames are made out of wood, choose bed frames that have been certified to be non toxic (glues used in pulpwood can sometimes be toxic over a long period of time).


For ready made bed frames, Snoozeland and Little World Furniture has a great selection and many great reviews on their services, with decent quality at affordable prices. Tomato Kidz is a pricier option but does stand up very well as well, though it does have some complicated castle bed buildout that would be very hard to keep clean.


Mattress & PillowsKid's furniture mattress

A crucial purchase, as mattresses can last for over several decades, and is often the most expensive single piece of furniture in the room. Things to look out for are: 

  • Material of the mattress should be hypoallergenic, or have keywords like dust mite prevention and allergy proof.
  • Firmness of the mattress should be relatively firm, don't choose a mattress that lets the child sink in, as that can cause stress on their body. 
  • Go for latex and memory foams for breathability and comfort
  • Pillows also follow the same concept for firmness, but have a use life of just a few years. Replace worn and flattened pillows every 2 years to safeguard the child’s neck posture. 

Some brands to search for a mattress and pillows are: SpinaRez, Dreamland, Kingkoil. Unfortunately the industry is so rife with competition, they tend to invent their own patented claims of why they’re the best. Shortlist a few, and bring the child to try them out with yourself. 



Kids furniture ergonomic kids chair and kids table

A child starts studying from as young as 5, all the way to Form 5 and beyond, ending at a minimum of 17. However, since children grow up so quickly, any regular (like IKEA’s) kid’s furniture designed for them will have to be replaced once every 3 years. 

Key pieces of kid’s furniture you would invest in are the following: 

  • Chair
  • Table
  • Storage

When shopping for kid’s study tables and chairs, look for:

  • Getting ergonomic kids furniture that can be adjusted for height, lasting them for their entire childhood. 
  • Promotes healthy posture while studying
  • Has gaps in the table for cables to run through 
  • A foam based chair rather than a wooden chair for longer periods of studying, prevents discomfort and fidgeting. 
  • Avoid drawers, as they reduce the leg space available, making it less future-proof. 
  • Ergonomic tables tend to be tillable, so best to not have tabletop bookshelves, rather have a dedicated hanging or standing shelf

For ready kid’s study table and chairs, Comfpro Taiwan sells quality ergonomic tables and chairs with a limited lifetime warranty period and is heavily bought in Taiwan, China, Korea, and Thailand. Other brands to look out for are Moll from Germany, and Sihoo from China.



Kid's furniture wardrobe

Assuming this is a non built in wardrobe, when shopping for kid’s wardrobes, look for:

  • A fully fledged standing wardrobe that can hang uniforms and coats without wrinkling them
  • Compartments and inner shelving to hold underwear, socks, folded shirts etc
  • Avoid wardrobes that look like lockers with many compartments, as it would be easy to accidentally rearrange things and forget what goes where
  • Wardrobes with a safety rating to be non toxic.
  • Avoid ‘foldable’ wardrobes, as a wardrobe is usually a permanent fixture, and such flimsy material would collapse easily by knocking into it.

Some brands to search for a kid’s wardrobe are: IKEA, Barry and AGL. Though for the most part IKEA does have the widest selection. 



Planning an entire new room to last a decade plus for your children is not easy. There are so many pieces of furniture and brands that it would be difficult to sift through it all. Hopefully this guide provides a stepping stone in how you plant your future kid’s bedroom and furniture. However it's important for the child to be part of some of the selection process as well. It creates a sense of ownership, that their choices are heard, and that they’ll cherish their room even more so.


Here at Ergoland we’ve helped thousands of customers with their purchase of ergo-growing kids study desk sets, and it’s why its so important to have a conversation with the child as well. We still have customers who come back to us many years later, praising the durability of our products and lasting customer service, just read some of our reviews from Google and you’ll know what to expect; quality and professional customer care services. Investing in an ergo-growing set doesn’t have to be difficult, and if you have any questions about anything related do give us a call at +603 7732 7671, Whatsapp at + 6012 303 8522, or connect with us on Facebook Messenger and visit our stores in 1U or QBM!

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