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Johor Aeon Bukit Indah Ergonomic Roadshow

2017 Stand Tall Campaign

ERGOLAND, our vision is to create a comfortable life through ergonomic life style to many people.  Every year, we come across more than 1000 cases of spinal injuries or posture related problem in the children between 5 to 12 years old. These problems are mainly due to carrying overloaded school bag, in correct sitting posture and their daily habitual that cause them hunch back. 

In view of the increase number of these spinal problems, our company has launched a “Stand Tall Campaign” in primary schools in Malaysia. The objective of this campaign is to educate and create the awareness of the importance of good posture to teachers, parents and children so that the children can grow up healthily and happily.  

In this “Stand Tall Campaign”, we have selected four primary schools in Penang with the sponsorship of 24 pieces of IMPACT Spinal Support Backpack worth RM10,797.  SJK© Kwang Hwa, SJK© Chong Cheng, SJKC © Zhong Hwa A and SJK© Zhong Hwa B were to schools selected to participate our Stand Tall Campaign. 

Let us carry out together the responsibility to bring up a smarter and healthier young generation.