Bag Trade In Program


Thanks for buying a bag from Ergoland! For every one Ergonomic School Bag you bought from Ergoland, you can trade it in for a 20% off for your next SPI & Comf-Pro ErgonomicSchool Bag purchase, or 10% off for Yzea Backpack. 
As we get older, we find ourselves having heavier and heavier backpacks, and its crucial for children who still have a growing spine to have a good ergonomic backpack that will not burden them and cause them to slouch. This program simply represents the long-time commitment of the business for equipping kids for a comfortable and healthy future.
What happens to the old bags?
We donate them to charity, once they've been fixed and cleaned as best as we can. We're partnered with Apple Charity for orphanages, passing any usable bags to them. We've already donated over 500 bags through this program alone! You can support them directly by clicking on this link.