The best ergonomic office chairs in Malaysia
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The best ergonomic office chairs in Malaysia

The best ergonomic office chairs in Malaysia (Updated 2021)

UPDATE JUN 2021: We understand that it is difficult to try our chairs right now with the govt only opening essential businesses, but do give us a call and we can answer any questions you may have over the phone, or perhaps even schedule a video demonstration!

Here at Ergoland, we have a lot of our customers inquire ‘How do you and your competition compare? What makes your products better?’. And we understand, this is not a small investment, and you would like to know all about it. We have guided hundreds of customers along their journey to home ergonomics, starting from children to adults in the family. 

Ergonomics in Malaysia wasn’t a real phenomena until the last decade or so (Ergonomics had already started blowing up in America around the 2000s), and with the added difficulty of WFH, customers are desperate for answer to their discomfort, but still want to know more than just that. 

Before I give you a run down for the Top 10 best ergonomic chairs in Malaysia, let me outline what are some of the criterias when I compare chairs. 

  • Whether it actually is considered ergonomic? (Article link here)
  • The build quality of the chair itself: IE Will it break easily? Will it topple over if you lean too far back?
  • What the warranty of the chair is, as this indicates the level of trust the manufacturers have with their products
  • The background of the company producing it, or if they are simply placing a lumbar pillow and calling the product ‘ergonomic’ (Looking at you, racing chairs)

I go into more detail at the end of the list, with a short buyer’s guide written with experience in the industry. 

Some might say that this is excessive, but I have always been a strong proponent of equipping customers with the right knowledge to make the best decisions. The first step in picking the best ergonomic chair for yourself or your loved ones is understanding why there is such a wide difference in prices between ‘just some chairs’. 


1. Comfpro Truly Chair

Comfpro is actually more famous for their ergonomic tables and ergonomic children chairs, having designed ergonomic furniture since 1984, hailing from Taiwan. The firm while being a newcomer to the space has produced some good pieces, and is engaged in patent research for new ergonomic materials and features.


The Truly chair was the firm’s first venture into the ergonomic office chair space with its flagship Truly Chair (Sometimes known as CP8 in other markets). The chair sold incredibly well in the US and Taiwan, going on to spawn many variants since then, being dubbed as the ‘Herman Miller alternative’ for years since winning the ExgoExpo Choice’s awards for ergonomic chairs back in 2016. The Trufit™ Backrest is the most exciting part of the chair, as Comfpro has guaranteed a lifetime warranty on the quality of the backrest, while also feeling the most cooling out of all the chairs. Price at RM3500+, it is a little less than half the Herman Miller chair.

Truly ergonomic chair



The most adjustable ergonomic chair on the market, with every component designed to fit anybody.

Lack of brighter colors 

Unique backrest material (Trufit™ Polyback), a soft yet flexible durable plastic backrest that contours to the body to provide constant dynamic seating to the user. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

The chair does look overly boardroom like, with customers disliking the look.

Seat frame has a netting over the foam to ventilate easily despite not being mesh.

Concerns that heavier people will not be able to sit in this chair, as it has a weight load of 120kg.


Click here to find out more, or you can try out the Truly ergonomic chair in Ergoland’s outlet in Selangor or Penang! 

2. Herman Miller Aeron chair

The famous Aeron chair, that was originally designed for elderly and infirm people for a wheelchair! The medical nature really revolutionized ergonomics and brought it out of the niche medical field, leading to the Aeron's chair domination of boardrooms during the Dotcom bubble. 


This was the status of luxury for companies, as each chair would cost RM7.2k each. It is the best chair, at the best price. There are other models of the Herman Miller such as the Sayyl, the Embody, but we still feel that the Aeron chair rightfully deserves its place at the top for its patented mesh seating. You would think that all meshes are created equal, but I would point to the Herman Miller and say this is the difference between that RM200 mesh chair as compared to the RM7k Aeron.


Herman miller chair



Unique mesh (8Z Pelico) quality that is very breathable and soft for an incredibly ‘light’ and ‘floaty’ feeling. Very breathable.

No headrest available, missing seat pan depth adjustment

The best ‘rocking office chair’. Rocking feels incredibly smooth and natural.

The most expensive ergonomic chair on the market 

Has a high quality build, comes with a 12 year warranty globally. 

Minimal adjustment on the lumbar support, and difficulty as the lumbar support’s height can not be adjusted.

Unique seating design for the user to sit inwards of its waterfall seating design, ensuring even blood flow to the legs.

Concerns that taller people might have with the backrest not completely supporting their shoulders, as the backrest height can not be adjusted


You can currently visit and try a Aeron chair at Trax Furniture Sdn Bhd here


3. Duorest Alpha Chair

Duorest has its roots in a German Doctor known as Dr. Matthias Brünig, who first conceptualized a double piece movable backrest, as movement to the right and left would be using different muscles and therefore require different postures. Manufactured in South Korea with German technology, the Duorest chairs have sometimes earned a reputation of being ‘overly medical’, backed by endorsements from the Singaporean Physiotherapist and Chiropractic Association.


Duorest does have a range of chairs, but words from our customers seem to indicate they really do love the Alpha the most. Customers with back pains or medical conditions such as slipped discs, scoliosis. These customers commonly purchase the Alpha chair, enjoying the firm and complete backrest, akin to 2 hands hugging your back. Priced at RM5000+, this chair is rather specialized at a higher price point, closer to a Steelcase rather than an Aeron chair.




The best chair when it comes to leaning backwards, as the neckrest and backrest will create almost a bedlike feeling. Good for resting in.

The backrest can feel warm for certain body types despite the airflow space

Unique backrest mechanism by having two separate backrest pieces wrap around the back, leaving space in the middle for the spine. Good for customers with medical conditions relating to the back.

Can be a bit on the smaller side, as the backrest is not height adjustable. 

Good build quality, from urethane castors to moulded polycarbonate, meant to be extremely durable

The latex holding the backrest of the chair does need to be replaced on average every 6-8 years. 


Click here to find out more, or you can try out the Duorest Alpha chair in Ergoland’s outlet in Selangor or Penang! 


4. Krede K10

The Krede chair brand is the brainchild of Cho Yoon Ha (JOYN), a former designer who has collaborated on numerous Korean furniture brands, choosing to strike out on his own a few years ago to start Krede. Krede focuses on style and comfort, having a certain elegance to its chairs.


The K10 is one such example. It has the least amounts of protruding pieces, with lots of natural curves and ridges while not sacrificing the ergonomic quality of a task chair. Though they do favour a very soft mesh that might not give enough support for people more familiar with the Truly chair’s backrest. This chair is priced at RM2100+, and does fulfil the promise of not being tired to sit in.

Krede K10 ergonomic chair



A very stylish chair that can fit any room, with a striking white frame 

The white base does need some cleaning from time to time, but the black base doesn't have that issue.

A very soft feeling on the backrest, almost like sitting against a hammock. 

Some have described it as being too soft, and not providing enough support for the back

A unique build that has all the pieces feel natural as it moves, satisfying armrest sizes and reclining. Good HR foam thickness on the cushion that doesn’t cause soreness.

The chair does not rise up very far, and is unsuitable for people of tall bodies. 


Click here to find out more, or you can try out the Krede K10 chair in Ergoland’s outlet in Selangor or Penang! 


5. Steelcase Leap Chair 

Another strong contender with a 100+ year history of manufacturing chairs, the Steelcase Leap chair is the best chair from Steelcase in recent years. This chair has been winning many awards and accolades with their R&D, making strides in the workspace environment, productivity, healthcare for office workers. 

While there are many different models from Steelcase, we personally felt that the Leap Chair was better than the Gesture and the Think chair. Considering this will be a decade long purchase, it would not be something that should be cheap on. Pricing at RM4-5k, it is a good executive chair meant for the classic corporate world while feeling comfortable for long hours in an air conditioned room.

Steelcase Leap chair



Made to fit many bodies of different sizes, with one of the strongest weight sizes it can hold (Up to 180 kg)

No headrest available

Unique backrest design, with the lower and bottom half of the chair moving ‘independently’ of each other to provide constant dynamic seating to the user.

Padded backrest can cause sweating after long hours without air conditioning

Made from recycled material and the company is very environmental friendly in their production

Concerns that taller people might have difficulty as the backrest’s height can not be adjusted.

You can try out a Steelcase Leap chair yourself in their showroom in Bangsar here. 

6. Okomura Contessa II Chair

The Okomura is a Japanese ergonomic furniture developer, with a rather unique history. It has gone from airplane manufacturer, to cars, and finally to furniture in 1970. The Okomura is responsible for the Contessa chair that is sometimes seen in movies (Batman Returns!). Suffice to say, this chair has made a huge name for itself in the US, and in many places outside Japan. 

The Contessa II Chair is a continuation of their Contessa chair line, the brand defining product the same way the Aeron chair is to the Herman Miller brand. It utilizes a full mesh back while having a seating structure rather similar to the Aeron’s chair waterfall seat design, though using a foam based seating. Currently it's priced at RM6000+.

Okomura Contessa II ergonomic chair



An interesting recline mechanic that boasts a ‘synchro-reclining’ mechanism that’s apparently less stress on the leg while maintaining balance

It is made for smaller people, and thus does not have a lot of adjustments to create a wider chair such as chair arm depth and backrest adjustment

More rounded parts as compared to other chairs, giving a better natural contour towards the shoulders, hips, and neck in addition to the back.

Very low weight load of 70kg, unsuitable for most men above 6’ft. 

Good build quality, with the backrest made from luxe-touch elastic mesh and thick urethane foam, meant to be extremely durable

Lumbar support is retrofitted and does not  cover much surface area. Good for people who don't want a firm lumbar and a softer feel, but not impressive for chairs trying to help with seating posture.

You can try out the Okomura Contessa II chair in Xtra Furniture at Gardens! 


Choosing the right office chair for yourself

I’ve gone through in length what to expect out of ergonomic chairs and the comparison between regular chairs vs ergonomic chairs here. But what’s the difference between ergonomic chairs? What’s the difference between a RM200 chair from Ikea comparatively? 


1. The ergonomics of the chair itself

Being a niche specialty shop, people with specific pain points come to find us, and are particular about how they feel in their chair. Just because something is more expensive, does not necessarily mean it's the best fit for you. 

Case in point, despite my initial recommendation for the Alpha chair, the customer said that they want something that has a more pronounced lumbar support, and that’s why they settled on the Truly chair in the end because they enjoy the feeling while sitting. 

I would say just as a word of caution: avoid gaming chairs. A gaming chair has a bucket seat design that is not ergonomic (as it was meant for racing), and has lacking lumbar support. You too would feel uncomfortable in the driver’s seat after a few hours. A lumbar pillow does not make a chair ergonomic. This advice also applies to any chair that seems like a straight L shape without any curve or way to have the chair contour to you.

2. The features and build quality of the chair

This is the part where most customers are completely oblivious to. After all, who knows what their cars are actually made from? Some factors to check chairs are the following: 

  • What is the maximum weight load of the chair? 
  • When reclining in the chair, does it topple over? If it does, just run out of the store
  • Is the fabric material soft and ‘springs back’ once you stand up? Thin/Bad foams will slowly ‘fill’ back up, and long term use can cause heavy discomfort
  • Is the chair ‘breathable’? Do you start to feel hot if you’re not in an air conditioned environment? Chair materials like the Steelcase Leap was made to actually ward off the cold.
  • If the chair has mesh, does the mesh feel soft and flexible while maintaining its rigidity? Low quality mesh can feel very hard as there isn’t enough cotton threaded into it.
  • The weight of the chair; generally the ‘heavier it is’ the better, as it uses more material. But there’s a lot of caveats to that**
  • That the chair does not ‘creak’ while moving/reclining
  • To look at the wheels of the demo chairs, and inspect if its been flaking/breaking off, as this can lead to serious stability issues down the future.

It’s rather difficult to discern the actual quality comparison between a 8Z Pelico mesh from Herman Miller and Luxetouch from Okomura, so you rely on simply feeling it yourself. But comparing either chair to an Ikea chair will be immediately noticeable.

3. The warranty and manufacturer

Just like how you feel dazzled by mattress companies that promise a 10 year warranty, the same goes for ergonomic chairs. The longer the warranty, the more the manufacturers have trust in their product. 

While the stories of Herman Miller and Steelcase are well known in the business space for their innovation and research, some foreign manufacturers like Comfpro, Duorest, and Okomura unfortunately don't have complete information in English, making them less well known on Google, though they are innovating just as much. 

And unless you’re like me and trying to keep up with the news in the ergonomic industry and paying attention to ExgoExpo or other furniture news, trying to get reviews for this article was not simple either. However, just because there aren't people tagging these products on social media, doesn’t mean these are inferior products, as some of them have warranties to match even an Aeron chair.


As we spend more and more time on our chairs at home, we are starting to realize the difference between a regular chair compared to a purpose built ergonomic task chair after sitting for a few hours. If you factor in the research, design, and material quality of the chair, it would quickly start to look like its not unreasonable. 

Imagine a good mattress, easily costing a few thousand and above. Well, we spend the same amount of time as that in our chairs at work, especially now with work from home. 

If you ever want some more information or a second opinion on a particular product, don't hesitate to reach out to us at, or connect and chat with us on Facebook or mobile. We’re located in Selangor and Penang, so come visit us!

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