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Ergonomic chairs vs normal chairs

What is an ergonomic chair? How does it differ from a regular chair or normal office chair?

Every so often I'll get customers asking me an honest and simple question: What makes a chair ergonomic? What's the difference between your chairs vs something off Lazada for RM200? And finally, why should I invest in an ergonomic chair? Ergonomics is still a widely unknown field and subject here in Malaysia, but here at Ergoland we do our very best in equipping everyone with the right knowledge needed to make the best decision for their health and safety.

So what is the main difference between ergonomic chairs and normal chairs? Normal chairs may have some basic comfort in them, such as being cushioned, but it lacks the comfort and features ergonomic chairs have. Ergonomic chairs are designed to protect the body and incorporate all matters of 'human-factors' while sitting down and performing their tasks and are recommended by Doctors if you have a back condition.

You'll quickly realize the difference between an ergonomic chair and a wooden dining chair once you work in it for a few days for 8 hours at a time. Customers at Ergoland commonly report a sore back, neck, and shoulders after working in chairs at the dining table, looking to upgrade their home office space with our products.


The features of an ergonomic chair to consider

There are many kinds of ergonomic chairs currently out in the market, so how do you know which is the right ergonomic chair for you to choose? Everyone's body is different, and therefore what might be right for you will not be the same for your colleagues in the office. If your company is seeking to place a bulk purchase for ergonomic chairs, they have to ensure that it is capable of fitting everyone in the office or make arrangements to do so.


The La Medicina del Lavoro, an Italian based Medical Journal has outlined a few key features to watch out for such as comfort, a backrest that follows ones contour, etc. We have categorized it into 6 simple features, easy for one to keep in mind while choosing your ergonomic chair. For the purpose of the demonstration, we are using Comfpro's Truly Chair from BTOD's review of the chair. You can find the full video linked here. 

Seat Height and Seat Depth Adjustment


The chair should be able to be adjusted according to the person's height and depth, ensuring that their feet can firmly be planted at a 90 degree angle against the floor. The seat depth should always leave a fist's worth of space in between the leg to ensure even blood circulation to the legs.

Lockable Positions and Tension Adjustments

The chair should have a lockable position for relaxing, as well as the ability to adjust the reclining tension, capable of reclining comfortably no matter the body strength.

Backrest Height Adjustment


The chair should firmly support the backrest of anyone sitting in it, and that means expanding or contracting depending on the size of the person.

Breathable and Flexible Backrest


Sitting long hours in the chair can get rather warm if you're not in an air-conditioned space, or if you naturally generate a lot of body heat. Having a well-ventilated backrest that is flexible, firm yet malleable, one that follows and supports your body contour to be the most defining feature for an ergonomic chair.

Adjustable Lumbar Support


Another key feature in deciding the difference between ergonomic chairs and non-ergonomic chairs. Does it provide adequate lumbar support for your lower back area? And if it can be adjusted, does it feel comfortable to you?


Comfortable Seat Base

For chairs designed to be used up to 8-10 hours a day, its crucial for the ergonomic chair to have bases made of quality memory foam, high resiliency foam, polyurethane foam, or mesh. Cloth and cushioned seating tends to wear out quickly, and leather seatings are prone to absorbing heat from the thighs. A quality seat base should also not decompress after a year or so.


A good ergonomic chair pays you and your employees back through prevention

We too often neglect to invest in prevention rather than cure, insisting that our ways before was manageable and that investing in prevention is a waste of money. A 2016 study reported that 69% of Malaysian office workers experiencing technology-related diseases in their work-life, and that has lead to an uncountable number of hours lost and general poor productivity. As Dc Andre Abader of the Kiropraktis Chiropractic Center always suggests, it is easier to invest in a good chair rather than to swap jobs. 

Protecting yourself by sitting well

If you've been convinced to invest in an ergonomic chair, you can check out Ergoland's current offering and catalog of our chairs here. We sell certified high-quality ergonomic chairs, suitable for customers with a complicated back medical history. But once you've purchased an ergonomic chair, the next step lies in fixing one's posture, or else the ergonomic chair will not be able to be utilized to the maximum efficiency in providing the safety and comfort for your body. You can read more about it here.


Come and visit us if you're still unsure what's best for you

As always, feel free to contact our knowledgeable staff through the little messenger icon on the lower right, or perhaps call us and talk to us over the phone, and come down to try it yourself! These chairs are best tested before purchase. You can find us in Petaling Jaya and Bayan Lepas here.

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