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What is an ergonomic vertical mouse?

What is an ergonomic vertical mouse, and how does it help?


Are you looking for an ergonomic mouse because you are starting to feel sore or have problems in your wrists associated with long mouse usage? Perhaps you already had an existing condition, and normal mice are exacerbating your wrist arthritis? If you’re a frequent user of a computer mouse, you might want to invest in an ergonomic mouse in the future.


What is an ergonomic vertical mouse?

Ergonomic vertical mouse is a fairly new phenomenon within the last 5 years. Google or Youtube Vertical Mouse, and you’ll come across dozens of pages talking about the same topic. Even TheStar covered vertical mouse all the way in 2018!  The vertical mouse was created due to many reports on increased carpal tunnel syndrome patients in offices, in an effort to stem ‘technology-related-diseases’.


An ergonomic vertical mouse is a mouse that utilizes a natural handshaking posture in order to grip the mouse and control it with, instead of placing wrist flat against the table and pressuring our ulnar veins (veins under your wrist).


The ergonomic vertical mouse reduces the chances of getting carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain syndrome and has started rising in popularity over the years due to its unique design and responsiveness to reduce hand movement. There have been numerous studies as well, with the general consensus that vertical mouse applies less pressure than a traditional mouse, decreasing the risk of contracting carpal tunnel syndrome.



How does an ergonomic mouse affect you?

Benefits of ergonomic mouse

Imagine grabbing your mouse, and tilting your hand into a handshake posture, placing the soft side of your palm against the table, with your thumb upright and most importantly your wrist area not touching the table. Doesn’t this feel more comfortable position to be in? And now imagine the mouse being firmly placed on the table, with you being able to move around with it effectively without pain.


Using a mouse for over 8 hours a day in an office creates a lot of compression on the nerves, leading to early-onset carpal tunnel syndrome. By using a vertical mouse, there’s less muscle contraction in the forearm, being able to pivot with your elbows instead of your wrist as Dr Johnson says.


But using a vertical mouse will take some getting used to, researchers have warned. We’ve been using our standard mouse for so long, we’ve developed a muscle memory associated with it. Just like our sitting posture, or mouse handing posture needs to be re-examined and re-learned now that we know better.


If you are spending long hours you want to consider investing a vertical mouse Invest in your health now, to prevent technology-related injuries in the future. Click on the image below to find out more about the Tchibo mouse!





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