Why sit stand desks are rising in popularity
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Why Sit-Stand Desks are rising in popularity

We're not made for sedentary positions for long periods of time.


Are you reading this article sitting down at your office somewhere, and questioning yourself why do you seem unable to concentrate at your desk past the first 2 hours of the work day, or after a particularly full lunch meeting? The answer is you might be sitting down for too long.
There is research on why sitting down for too long is bad for you.
Although somewhat more common in service counters and concierges, a growing number of offices are now implementing sit-stand desks as part of the ergonomic solution, as the service industry recognizes the danger of sitting down at your desk for too long. 
The American Cancer Society suggests that a desk that is both capable of sitting and standing would be possible to combat obesity, diabetes, heart disease, some types of cancer, and back pain. Of course, it feels a little alarmist. Sitting down for too long can cause heart disease? And how does standing up reduce back pain? Isn't that the opposite? The main problem is that the body is exerting too much pressure on the lower back while sitting, according to the British Medical Association Being able to adjust the table to stand for even 30 minutes a day, coupled with plenty of walks and breaks, had seen a marked improvement in alleviating back pain. 

But how would I know what sit-stand desk to get?

There are so many types of sit-stand desks out there, it's hard to really say what fits your body height and size. There are good guides from Ergobuyer and Keeney's, but the checklist is:
  1. Is it height adjustable to my size so that my hands are 90 degrees to the desk? 
  2. Is the platform stable?
  3. Do I have space on my desk for one?
  4. Weight capacity?
  5. Budget?

    It's advisable to try these features out before making a purchase, as it's hard to quantify the feeling your body gives you, especially in the ergonomic furniture space.

    The Sit-Stand Desks Ergoland Offers

    Depending on your checklist, Ergoland offers a range of ergonomic solutions for both on-table and stand-alone sit-stand desks from Ekobor and Compf-pro . Click here, or on the images for more info on our products.

    On-table Products 


    Stand-alone Products

    M9 Ergonomic Desk


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