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Ergonomic News: Productivity linked with ergonomic work station

Productivity linked with ergonomic work station


A few weeks ago, the News Strait Times released an article titled 'The importance of a comfortable workstation' , exploring the relationship between workplace productivity and ergonomics, written by Dr Zafir Khan Mohamed Makhbul. A professor in Human Resource Management and Organisational Management in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Dr Zafir is also the author of  many papers on ergonomics in the workplace for over a decade.


There, he states that being forced to work from home has increased the risk of injury at home due to improper workstations, leading to loss of productivity and health. He cites the numerous studies done (even before COVID19) on the effects of an ergonomic workstation, and warns that organizations need to support employees being forced to suffer in these circumstances. 


This is not news to us. Having been in the business for over a decade, we have seen customers from many walks of life with different conditions. The story of ‘腰酸背痛’ or back pain is certainly more common than ever, as everyone talks about the pain they feel trying to work on the floor (as seen in the image above), foldable plastic chairs, or wooden dining chairs. These customers try our chairs and tables, smiling grimly as they said ‘I wish I had this months ago when MCO started’.


Ergonomic workstation for children and adults
The ergonomic solution for the whole family, for children and adults alike.

But I’d like to stress that creating an ergonomic workstation and looking out for yourself and your loved ones is not simply a matter of buying ergonomic chairs. It's about being mindful of the space, and how you interact with it, to make it comfortable. Tables, chairsmonitor mounts, footrest, all coincide to form a healthy workstation for long hours. A good ergonomic chair is just the start, but an important start for a back pain-free work from home solution. 


Give us a call today and let us know what are the challenges that you and your family might be facing at home due to an improper workstation setup! Our ergonomic experts can advise and guide you for what would be the best fit for your body.

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