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Back to School Sales for YZEA Bags!

Back to School Sales for YZEA bags!

Secondary school is starting next month, does your kid have a great school bag that isn’t heavy, and can last them for the entirety of their Secondary schooling? Guess what, we are having 10% off on our YZEA German Ergonomic Backpack using the code YZEA10 for a back-to-school promotion!


YZEA is a height adjustable school bag that can fit over 20 books and laptop, while being lightweight and ergonomic. Carrying school bags becomes easy with YZEA.


What are you waiting for? Choosing a correct ergonomic bag for your child will help them grow happily and increase their confident by standing up straight. Come buy online here


Discount code YZEA10 for 10% off any YZEA bag purchase during checkout until April 18th. Come visit our branch at 1 Utama Shopping Centre (S123b, 2nd Floor) or Queensbay Mall Penang (2F-77) to try out our bags. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us through WhatsApp or Messenger. We are happy to answer all of your questions.


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