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        EZ Footrest

        Ergonomic features:
        - Promotes better blood circulation and support for the foot
        - Double foot stage with rotating structure (Ergonomically designed tilting angle)
        - The max angle that human can bend their foot 18 degrees up, 48 degrees down.
        - Duorest footrest adopted the most comfortable angle, plus, user can adjust it freely.

        Ergonomic Detachable Back Support

        DUOREST DR-912 Ergonomic Detachable Back Support equipped with German technology and designed DUOREST patented Dual Backrest supports ones back firmly without exerting pressure on the spine and evenly distribute the pressure to left and right back muscles effectively. As a result, the pressure on the lumbar vertebra is reduced by 50% as compared to conventional chairs.

        10 Air-Lines maiantains pleasant feeling by insuring air circulation.
        Attaches and detaches easily.
        The buckle can be fastened at the back of the seat preventing wobbling.
        according to the user, the backrest height can be adjusted to maintain a proper posture.(6 Stage,6 CM)


        Mat and Bar

        Extra protective layer for the desk top.
        The desk pad using high density superior quality “PU” material, and it’s helpful for the user especially making writing process smoother.
        The inner part of desk pad consists of iron which produces magnetism, book or paper won't drop when covered by the magnetic bar.
        The whole desk pad adopt the special needle to stitch, it’s thicker and more solid than normal desk pad.


        Book Shelf With White Board

        Movable hanging stationery case:
        Stylish aluminum alloy design can hang movable stationery case to put pen or accessories.

        White board:
        Considering that parent can leave message or class schedule on white board or accompany studying with children, we attach movable white board to the bookshelf. It can be clean easily & magnet can be attached on it.

        Space saving:
        This bookshelf can increase the practicability of the space, and our designer make a board for the bookshelf. It not only can place the books but also can place the 3C commodities.

        Fixed bookend:
        Three edges of double layer bookshelf boards add fixed bookend to prevent book falling. User can add movable stacle to match.

        Clip: Suitable for desktop board thickness below 4 cm
        Clip size and depth is 6 cm to stably clip the desk.

        Fellowes Ergonomic Adjustable Footrest

        Ergonomic features:
        - New and improved Microban® antimicrobial protection keeps product cleaner
        - Adjustable footrest tilts 30 degrees forward or back
        - Locks in place or tilts freely to encourage lower leg movement
        - Prevents back and leg discomfort by ensuring the correct posture is adopted
        - Rock freely back-n-forth to help stimulate foot and leg circulation
        - Accredited by FIRA International, an Independant Ergonomic Accreditor

        Two Layers Read Shelf

        The book holder is designed to assist readers to have better reading angles. Normal office desks are all flat and have no assistance functions. Our shoulders will feel stiff and our eyes get fatigued if we sit for long hours. The reading book holder can prevent our body to lean forward, helping us to maintain a good sitting posture.

        Clip-on device:
        -50 mm in height
        -Can accommodate the thickness of a desk board by 30 -35 mm

        Rotatable base:
        -Can be rotated freely up to 360°
        - Prevent causing unbalanced or stiff shoulders from long hours of reading on one side

        Stretchable clip-on holder:
        -250 mm in length
        -Can be stretched up to 450 mm
        -Prevent putting the book too far or causing words too small to be read
        -More suitable for people with presbyopia

        Height adjustable holder:
        -170 mm in height
        -Can be tilted to a high or low angle

        Multifunctional book holder:
        -Can accommodate the width of the book up to 430 mm
        -Can support the weight of a book up to 2 -3 kg
        -Can be adjusted to any angle, up and down, left and right
        -Can be adjusted to 0-45° reading angle

        Robot Monitor Arm

        Product benefits:
        User-friendly design: multi-angle adjustment.
        Streamline design with classical color black and white.
        Easily assemble and adjust
        Friendly operation: save your time
        Collect electric wire freely.
        Increase viewing comfort - help reduce eye, back and neck strain.

        Standard Footrest

        Ergonomic features:
        - Improves posture, alleviating pressure on backs of thighs to reduce leg and lower back strain.
        - Two position height adjustment for personalised positioning.
        - Platform tilts back-n-forth to stimulate circulation in legs and feet.
        - Textured surface offers a stimulating massage.

        Laptop Riser

        World's first laptop stand - Aviator Laptop Stand allows comfortable typing on your laptop, while avoiding the aches and pains associated with poor postures, carpal tunnel syndrome & musculoskeletal disorders.

        3 piece design for easy assemble and dismantle
        Light weight and Portability
        Works on regular desks, round tables, and airplane tray tables.
        Suitable for laptops and netbooks
        Allow sitting in slight reclining position to transfers much of the downward pressure off your spine.
        No Fans Needed – Uses the Stack Effect – heat rises out the open back to cool naturally.
        Raise the screen to healthy viewing angle
        Made in USA

        Wrist Free

        WristFree Wrist Rest is ergonomically designed to ease the stress of your hand, wrist and shoulder while using the mouse or keyboard

        Product benefits:
        Reduce fatigue of hand and wrist
        Prevent RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuiry) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
        Ultimate comfort and support by its high-tech MEMORY FOAM
        360 degree effortless gliding
        Feather-light weight, small and compact size
        Perfect as a personal/corporate gift with great health functions

        Tchibo Ergonomic Mouse

        Ergonomic Functional Mouse
        The vertical mouse design that can ensure the user is in the hand shake position when holding the mouse, providing a more natural, comfort and healthier posture.

        Side Desk

        Multi-function side desk is height adjustable. Creating more space to place books/ stationary. Multi-function side desk also can be used by parents. Parents can stay beside children, learning together, growing together.

        Height adjustment easily- 3 stages to adjust height
        Removable desk top
        High flexibility, can be placed on left or right side of desk
        25 kgs loading ability
        Extra place to place books and accessories

        Read Shelf

        Product benefits:
        -Assist children when reading and writing, can be hang on desk top
        -Simple and elegant
        -Soft white coating, wear-resisting
        -It can be attached tightly to book
        -Suitable for any COMF-PRO and KIDSMASTER desks

        OSRAM SWAN

        Product benefits:
        Energy saving
        Stylish and modern design
        High Illuminance - 1100x
        Equipped with both comfortable reading light and nigh light

        Areas of application:
        Living Room
        Study room
        Sleeping room (night light)

        OSRAM PRO

        Product benefits:
        Energy saving
        Stylish and modern design
        LGT light guide technology - to make the light more balanced and harmonious
        LED Technology - Performance and durability
        Easily meet the different needs of the brightness (adjustable brightness)
        Provides comfortable reading light
        With USB charging interface - easy to charge electronic devices

        Areas of application:
        Living Room
        Study room
        Sleeping room

        Match Chair Chair Cover

        For Y518 chair
        Extra protective layer to protect the backrest and seat from dirt.
        The chair cover is detachable so it can be taken out for washing.


        Book Shelf

        User can use rack to classify books.
        Suitable for every desk surface.
        Can placed books and computer accessories.
        It can be extended upward and create space for desk.
        Shelf can be clipped on every kinds on desk (clip thickness 5cm)
        Thick steel, durable and stable.

        Clip: Suitable for desktop board thickness below 4 cm
        Clip size and depth is 6 cm to stably clip the desk.

        KIDSMASTER Chair Cover (For K639 & K318 chair)

        For KIDSMASTER K639 and K318 chair
        Extra protective layer to protect the backrest and seat from dirt.
        The chair cover is detachable so it can be taken out for washing.

        Red starRed star
        Blue pyramidBlue pyramid
        Pink lovePink love

        Angel Wing Chair Cover

        For KC-01 chair
        Another protective layer to protect the backrest and seat from dirt.
        The chair cover is detachable so it can be taken out for washing.


        Anti Fatigue Mat

        Standing on hard floor is bad. It will cause body stiffness, low concentration and poor blood circulation. ERGO Rubberize Gel Foam Anti-fatigue Standing Mat is the solution!

        Reduces arch and heel pain.
        Encourage dynamic movement.
        Reduce pressure on spine.
        Ease stiffness in neck and shoulders.
        Reduce 50% energy use by supporting muscles in the back and legs.
        Stimulate blood circulation.