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German Physics Professor, Dr. Matthias Brunig
Dr. Matthias Brunig
Inventor / Physics Professor
Revolutionized the Way You Sit Since 1987!

30 years ago, a German Physics Professor, Dr. Matthias Brunig, added two back support cushions to his car seat because of his back pain. The two cushions provided support to the human body, distributed the person's body weight and minimized stress on the back - and that was the origin of "DUOREST".

The DUOREST® ergonomic chair is created with worldwide patented technology and has been sold in many countries, like Japan, Singapore and Australia etc. for many years. Its ergonomically contoured and separate dual backrests are designed to effectively reduce fatigue on your back and improve your spinal health. Together with adjustable armrests and seat height that fit all body shapes and sizes, DUOREST is the Real ergonomic chair you can’t afford to miss out on!

Duorest theory

01 Rucksack Massage Effect

People walking with rucksacks feel less fatigue than those without, as their back muscles are supported and continuously massaged by the weight of the rucksacks. With its ergonomically designed, highly supportive backrests and flexible dual backrest mechanism, DUROEST offers similar massaging effect on your back while you are sitting.

02 Dynamic Sitting

While sitting on a chair, people unconsciously move their bodies to lessen muscle strain and fatigue. DUOREST's ergonomically contoured backrests and flexible dual backrest mechanism are designed to support your back comfortably in all the directions that your body moves towards, enabling freer movement on the chair.

03 Your Customized Chair

DUOREST parts can be easily adjusted to accommodate individual body requirements. To enjoy sitting comfort, adjust your seat height, headrest height, backrest height and width, armrest height and width, tilt tension and tilt lock angle position.

04 Ergonomic Design

DUOREST's ergonomically contoured, separate dual backrests and hip & thigh line contoured waterfall-edge seats are designed to effectively reduce fatigue on your back, spine and thigh, by dispersing pressures with maximized contact areas between your body and chair.

Duorest ExceFeatures

Duorest Features

Duorest Testing

Duorest Testing

The center-pivot in between the dual backrest allows the backrest to swivel in various direction as the user leans back and forth. This movement elevates the pelvis and allows the waist to be embraced by the backrest.

As a result, Duorest Chair reduces the pressure on the lumbar vertebra by 50% as compared to conventional chairs.

The distribution of pressure toward the back

The distribution of pressure toward the back

A Tension Testing Result base on the sampling size of 12 people

A Tension Testing Result